Review on the Blockchain Course.

1 December  2022


Polygon’s Web3: Made in India roadshow crosses the finish line with Polygon Connect India in Bangalore on Dec. 1. As we reflect on our month-long journey, the companions we met and knowledge gained, it’s also an opportunity to peer into the future.

On the eve of ETHIndia, Polygon Connect is the last chance in Polygon’s tour across the subcontinent to celebrate developers, creators, and entrepreneurs who have made Web3 possible. Our Web3: Made in India Tour took us to Guild events in Kochi, Jaipur, and Hyderabad, with stops in the next two weeks in AhmedabadLucknowMumbai, and Delhi.

Then the finish line: Bangalore.

Demand for Connect is feverish–all tickets have been minted, all spots reserved. The future of blockchain development and adoption is knocking at India’s door.

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